Executive Summary: We aim to deliver the first electrically pumped room temperature polariton laser. Our strategy is to develop a hybrid organic/inorganic strongly coupled microcavity that utilizes the inorganic epitaxy for electrical injection and the organic component to retain strong coupling at room temperature. 

We will draw on our expertise in inorganic and organic semiconductors and develop a hybrid strongly coupled microcavity utilizing the inorganic component to enable efficient electrical injection and the organic component to achieve strong coupling at room temperature. We will study the coupling of disparate electronic excitation in a semiconductor microcavity, and progress with the development of polariton condensates as a source for quantum simulations, quantum computation, terahertz and electrically pumped organic lasers.

Professor Alexey Kavokin, University of Southampton  
Professor Pavlos Lagoudakis, University of Southampton
Professor David Lidzey, University of Sheffield
Dr Jenny Clark, University of Sheffield
Professor Graham Turnbull, University of St Andrews
Professor Ifor Samuels, University of St Andrews
Professor Sven Hoefling, University of St Andrews
Dr Jonathan Keeling, University of St Andrews

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